Welcome to Slim Town! Please support our effort to create the ultimate juke-box tribute to Slim by purchasing downloads of each song. All songs are donated by the artists, all proceeds go directly to fund Slim’s long term care.

STS-1 The Sycamores – Get Well Slim available 12/11/13
STS-2 Martin Devaney – Nobody Writes Letters Anymore available 12/18/13
STS-3 The Bluefields – When Things Was Cheap available 12/25/13
STS-4 Dan Israel – Mile After Mile available 1/1/14
STS-5 Mammy Nuns – Slim Songs available 1/8/14
STS-6 The Mad Ripple – Sworn Member of the Slim Dunlap Fan Club available 1/15/14
STS-7 Terry Walsh and 2 A.M. – Dallas Valentine available 1/22/14
STS-8 Katy Vernon – Loving You available 1/29/14
STS-9 Little Man – Cozy available 2/5/14
STS-10 Trailer Trash – Breeders Cannonball available 2/12/14
STS-11 The Love Soldiers – Tee Tot available 2/19/2014
STS-12 The Bremen Riot – Big Star Big available 2/26/2014
STS-13 High On Stress – Little Shiva’s Song available 3/5/14
STS-14 Bill Dankert and the Real Austinaires – Drop Down available 3/12/14
STS-15 Gini Dodds – Lifelines available 3/19/14
STS-16 Curtiss A – Call My Name available 3/26/14
STS-17 Joe Fahey – Picnic Table Blues 4/2/14
STS-18 Rank Strangers – Little Shiva’s Song 4/9/2014
STS-19 John Soshnik – One for Slim 4/16/2014
STS-20 Loony – Taken on the Chin 4/23/2014
STS-21 Ben Glaros – Love to Give 4/30/2014
STS-22 The Belfast Cowboys – Rock Band 5/8/14
STS-23 The Sycamores, Lianne Smith, Eric Ambel – Before She’s Gone 5/15/14
STS-24 The Happy Roosters – Cooler Then 5/28/14
STS-25 Adam Levy – Clemens in Plainview 5/11/14
STS-26 Ashleigh Still with the Laurels String Quartet – Lulla(non) 8/27/14
STS-27 Buzzirque – Hey!!! (a quiet hello) 9/3/14
STS-28 The Pendrakes – First One Home 9/17/14
STS-29 Whale in the Thames – Song Starter 6/17/15
STS-30 Pete Hofmann and the Measured Doses – After the Wine 08/11/2015
STS-31 Jeremy Porter and the Tucos – Pretty as You Please – 01/26/2016
STS-32 Doug Collins and The Receptionists – My Friends – 4/15/2016
STS-33 Slim Dunlap and Ben Glaros – The Ballad of the Opening Band – 06/19/2016